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Achieve Mixing Faster & More Efficiently

HBN Helical Mixer X Chip

Passive Mixers

Zero dead volume

Low swept volume

Enhanced mixing vs. straight channel microfluidic chips

The interaction of fluids in microfluidic systems is a challenging yet important application. These interactions can take the form of controlled reactions, distribution of particles (slurries), particle control in emulsions and control of concentration, among others.

Passive mixing 


Common concerns about microfluidic passive mixer chips are that they are slow and do not mix effectively.  However, Hummingbird Nano’s passive mixer with helical channels requires nearly 1/1000th the channel length of a diffusive mixer to produce complete or partial mixing, as desired.

Zero Dead-Volume Mixing

Reagents can be the most costly components in a protocol. Very low volume mixing can be readily accomplished using LabSmith uProcess syringe pumps, valves, reservoirs, software and Hummingbird Nano “X” or “Y” style helical channel passive mixer chips. Both chips have smooth, circular channels that come together to form a double helix in the mixing region.  For details on how to set up a zero dead volume mixing process, click on the application note below: 

LabSmith mixer app note image.PNG
Hummingbird Nano microfluidic chip setup in Labsmith breadboard

Photo: Hummingbird Nano X style passive mixer microfluidic chip
on LabSmith's uProcess breadboard

Product Description

Hummingbird Nano's standard passive mixing chips feature 280 µm diameter circular channels and a 5-stage helical mixing chamber for smooth flow and fast mixing. The chips include 1/16" OD PTFE tubing as side connectors that seamlessly integrate into the channels as well as easily interface with standard microfluidic components.

Chip Formats Available:
X or Y
Nominal Chip Size:

Microscopy Slide Form Factor

(76.2 x 25.4 x 3.6 mm)

Nominal Mixing Zone Length:
18 mm
Input/Output Channel Geometry:
Standard Number of Helical Mixing Stages:
5 or 7
Standard Channel Size:

280 um inlet and outlet diameters

485 hydraulic diameter in mixing zone

(other channel sizes available upon request)
Available Interfaces:

End style with 1/16" OD flexible PTFE tubing, >=5 cm lengths

Custom Passive Mixer Chips

Different form factors such as length and thickness, number of mixing stages, mixing zone lengths, channel diameters, tubing sizes etc. are available upon request.  Results are dependent upon Reynolds number, viscosity and other fluid properties and mixing specifications. Send us your fluids and mixing specifications and we can tailor the design to fit your need. 

labsmith logo color.JPG

All standard Hummingbird Nano microfluidic chips can be purchased
through our distributor,

For prototype projects or custom microfluidic chips, please contact us directly using the form below.

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