Reduce Turbulence

When using live cells,

every design consideration matters.

Design choices matter when you need better cell viability. That's why we re-examined sources of shear stress that contribute to cell mortality. Not just on the chip, but outside of it. And with our unique manufacturing method, we have opened new options for microfluidic users in single cell analysis, capillary electrophoresis, drug discovery and PCR.

Microfluidic Interface

How the outside world interfaces with the chip can be critical to the success of an assay. For the least amount of cell stress, we have created a variety of side connect interface options that integrate directly into circular channels of any dimension. No sharp corners when introducing a sample into a microfluidic channel.

Skip the proprietary connector

Each transition in a system presents the potential for cell stress. To minimize the number of connectors, you can select microtubing as the interface to the microfluidic channel. Not only is it easy to connect to your system, but it creates a smooth transition from the microtubing to the channel. Additionally with standard luers, you can achieve zero dead volume & minimal swept volume which can save up to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on reagents, depending on your testing volume.

Circular Channel Geometry 


Channel geometry plays a significant role in the success of an assay.  Non-circular cross-section geometries and corners induce stress on cells and are well-known sources for creating air bubbles which can negatively impact flow and potentially clog a channel. The smooth surfaces of a circular channel reduce turbulence and improve flow. Technology has not been available until now to be able to create circular channels in a polymer without bonding.


Collaboration Partners

The role of mechanobiology is little understood throughout life science, biochemical analysis and pharma development. Current microfluidic geometries limit discovery. Contact us to discuss how we can help unlock new insights or bring your concept to reality.